Electric Sol – Looking For Love

Originating from the Sonoran Desert, this indie pop/dance group are rising through the music industry with their new take on music! As a 5-person band, every aspect is covered, and their music is just incredible. They created their music to encourage people onto the dance floor, and to meet new people.

As soon as I heard their latest release “Looking For Love” I thought, yes this is the one! I was so unexpectedly thrilled with this tune, and I cannot find a single fault in it.

The song is definitely one that gets you up and going, filled with good vibes and love. The beat is catchy and is the kind of song I would love to hear in a nightclub.

Edward Sweet, the usual lead vocalist of the group, does exceptionally well in this track. Although the vocals are kept to a minimum with its simplistic sound, they are extremely effective, and really keep us engrossed within the song. Additionally, we also have Lindsey Blair with her amazing backup vocals towards the end, which are just as unreal!

The lyrics are all literally about “Looking For Love,” as he feels ready to take that step in his life and this is a topic many can relate to.

Anyway, give Electric Sol’s new track a listen to, and you will definitely not regret it!

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