Bonze – Mercedes

When I first heard the newest release “Mercedes” by Bonze, I was immediatelycaptivated by the song. “Mercedes” is a hip-hop and electronic-pop inspired track, dominated by amazing male vocals!

To kick this off, the beats and basslines in this track are incredible as they are the kind that just make us bop our head as they are so catchy. Bonze includes more unusual electronic beats within the track that almost make us feel hypnotic. I must say, this is the type of song that I could easily listen to repeat all day, as it is just that good!

The vocals in “Mercedes” are fairly repetitive, yet they have such significance in the song, as the distorted voice blends well with the hypnotic side of the music. I, personally, love this type of music, and this will undoubtedly be one I add to my own playlist, as I just have not been able to get it out of my head all day!

Go check out Bonze’s newest hit and no matter what, you are going to adore this track!

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