Bloodlin3 – Execution Day

Bloodlin3 are a Texas based musical group, who are experimenting with rap and other genres of music. Bloodlin3 takes inspiration from artists like Eminem and are honestly smashing it!

“Execution Day,” released on 30/09/2022, is a hard trap song that Bloodlin3 teamed up with Bizzy Bone and AC Killer to create.

This kind of rap/hip-hop is not generally my cup of tea, but once I had one listen to Bloodlin3’s track, I was addicted!

Without a doubt, the rapping in this is absolutely incredible, and they all perform it so effortlessly. Rapping itself is very difficult compared to normal singing, as it includes more breath control, but these guys have hit the nail on the head with it!

The backbeat in this is kept to a minimum, leaving the vocals to be the spotlight of the song, yet it is still effective. The beat is catchy and is the kind that gets you bopping your head to.

If rap style songs are your area of expertise, then undoubtedly you should give “Execution Day” a listen to, and I know you will love it for sure!

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