Ajay Mathur – Talking Loud

Ajay Mathur is a great international singer-songwriter, who has been making music for over a decade and has a very quickly growing audience. I must say his music is one that catches your ear almost straight away!

Ajay’s “Talking Loud” takes inspiration from genres such as rock, funk, blues, country, and soul. The song has a joyful and triumphing delivery, with a groovy upbeat sound for the entire duration of the song. The drumbeat, guitar, and even the funky bass, combine together to create this great track! Ajay also includes unique sounds and stops within the track, which bring uniqueness and originality. Also, Ajay’s vocalism is one that is full of power and competence, and it gives the song a groovy and warm feeling to it.

“Talking Loud” is the title track of his newest album “Talking Loud” and after hearing this track, I want to have a little listen to the full album.

Give Ajay Mathur’s music a try and I am certain you will love it!

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