Strangely Alright – Not The End

Having previously reviewed the band Strangely Alright, I couldn’t wait to get my ears around this one from them and I was not disappointed.

Classing themselves as “sonic time travellers” they mix psychedelia with pop melodies to create a futuristic yet nostalgic sound.

Stating influences as early Floyd whimsy, later Beatles experimentalisation and Bolan-esque strut, this band straddles the new wave / psychedelic / noir rock /alternative and AOR genres with ease.

This track, Not The End, released on 14/09/2022, is somewhat similar yet so different to The Grave, the previous track I reviewed.

There are still the thumping basslines and the catchy chorus to this one but this one is more straightforward rock n roll.

Mixing AOR with glam and a classic rock sound this is a great anthemic track that has a hint of nostalgia to it. With its heavy riffs, pounding drums and distorted vocals this track could be at home in the 80’s, 90’s and even the 00’s.

The singalongability to this track is just phenomenal, and it will certainly have you dancing round as I was bopping writing this review.

I ended my last review by saying that I was going to check these guys out a little bit more and this track has only emphasised that this is something I definitely need to do….and pronto!!

I’m quickly starting to really love this band.

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