Otherish – Gone Wrong Rainbow Blues

If you have a yearning to listen to a band that takes inspiration from 60’s folk and psychedelia, 70’sprog and classic rock, 80’s baroque pop and 90’s alternative / indie rock, then Otherish are your guys!

A Belfast via Bristol based quartet, these guys are four friends who have united to form this very versatile band and have been playing together for over five decades and Gone Wrong Rainbow Blues is their new album, released on 12/08/2022.

Mellow and relaxing, this album is fourteen tracks of bliss that will calm even the most irate person after a hard day’s work. Put this on the speakers, open a beer, close your eyes and just drift off into the world of Otherish.

This album is intoxicating, pulling you in from the very first notes and actually keeps you there, which so many albums struggle to do.

The tone of the album is one of nostalgia, with its flowing guitars, soft yet dreamy drumming and tight basslines that keep it all together, and this would not be out of place at a hippy or psychedelia festival.

Yet despite this, there is also a futuristic feel to the music with all sorts of electronic sounds and chimes going on in the background and there is even a touch of jazz thrown in with the use of brass instruments and funky keyboards.

The singer has quite a quirky voice, soft and gentle yet strong enough to keep up with the feel of the album and the backup vocals and harmonies are amazing, giving it dimension and depth and are layered to present a floaty, dreamlike vibe.

All the musicians work well together, and this has obviously developed over fifty odds years of collaborating with each other. Each feeds off the other, creating music that is beautiful, ambient and exhilarating.

This is a very eclectic album and one that hints to influences from the likes of Pink Floyd, The Beatles and so many more great bands of the past, while creating a sound all of their own.

I did really like this album and listened to it a few times on the spin, and I do think it will appeal to a wide audience. But don’t take my word for it, go and check it out on Spotify, Bandcamp and all good streaming sites and see what you think for yourselves!

Track Listing:

1) Boil Me Into Life

2) England

3) Kingdom Of The Birds

4) Their Mistake

5) Planxty Mark Loudon

6) Car Park

7) Dreams He’s Awake

8) Come Away

9) Loughshore Dim

10) Lies Today

11) My Lagan Sunrays

12) Gold In The Stormwaves

13) Passing Show

14) Right All The Time

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