I’ve Tried Sleeping – Some Kind Of Mother

Charlie Edwards aka I’ve Tried Sleeping is a singer/songwriter/guitarist and multi-dimensional artist from Spokane in Washington and Some Kind Of Mother is his latest single released on 07/10/2022. It is from his self-titled album also released in 2022.

The track is a mixture of alternative, indie and classic rock with a touch of 80’s inspired rock thrown in for good measure.

Charlie’s vocals are haunting, soft and gentle yet slightly husky and gritty to give a certain rawness to the track, which is full of emotion and feeling.

The track, itself, is a salute to those who struggle with issues that plague us under the surface and as mental health issues are very prevalent in today’s society, many people will be able to connect with the lyrics. Three words are repeated many times throughout the track and these words, Don’t Give Up, are the three words that stand out to me!

There are funky bass lines in this track, and these are cleverly mixed with classic rock guitars and electronic riffs and keyboards. The drumming is rhythmic, and this gives the track a certain bounce to it.

There is also a profound change of pace part way through and there is always something new and fresh to hear at any point during the song.

I really liked this track and the theme of it hit home hard to me and I am sure it will to a lot of people.

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