The Mars McClanes – The Liar

If you ever wanted to hear what alternative country rock mixed with the energy of punk rock sounded like, then check out The Mars McClanes!

A Portland, USA based band, they cleverly combine the catchy, rock n roll vibe of country rock with the oomph of punk and the grittiness of alternative/indie to create a sound that is just phenomenally unique.

The track tells the story of that character at the party that we all love (to hate!), the one telling the tall-tales, name dropping and hinting at their wealth and connections. Yeah, you know the one! But this is a great theme that allows for some fantastic song writing and lyrics.

Kicking off with some Folsom Blues basslines and guitar work, the track has a very rock n roll vibe and will soon have you bopping around to it.

The lyrics are bold, sometimes funny, and the vocals have a country rock twang while remaining strong and powerful. Musically, this track is simply perfect. The musicians involved are obviously talented and work really well together, creating a sound that is tight.

Despite the bounciness of the song (ooh I like that word….bounciness!) the lyrics have a certain angst to them, but the chorus is catchy and the harmonies on the vocals give the track depth.

Versatile and creative, this is a fun song and says co-writer Brian Corley “I don’t think I’ve ever had more fun working on a song,” and this really shows!

The song was released on 12/08/2022 and I can’t believe I haven’t come across it before now. Absolutely loved it! More please!

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