Mary KilS – Porte Sept

Having previously reviewed a track by French singer / songwriter Mary KilS I was intrigued to see what else she could do, and I must say she didn’t disappoint.

The previous single Long Silence was a ballad, and I was interested to see if this was the same. It was not!

Kicking off with a funky bass line that remains throughout the whole track, this song is a bit more upbeat than the previous one.

The vocals are still haunting and being sang entirely in French only adds to this, but there is a slightly rockier feel to them.

The bassline that I have just mentioned is fantastic, I always think bass guitars should feature a lot more than what they seem to, and mixing it with the electronic synths and crunching guitar riffs works really well.

The guitar work behind the vocals is just magnificent, obviously performed by an incredibly talented musician but the arrangement of the solos and the words gives the impression that the guitar and the vocalist are having a conversation.

Alternative / pop rock at its finest and another brilliant track from this French lady who deserves for her music to be heard by more people.

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