Love Ghost – Homesick

Having come across Love Ghost before, I really wanted to review their latest single Homesick which was released on 11/11/2022.

A Los Angeles based band they have the iconic pop punk sound of the late 90’s / early 00’s but with their own unique twist.

Each track they release is something different from the last and this one is no exception.

Documenting the journey we all go through to find ourselves, this is a bold and strong track that still maintains enough rawness to be called a rock ballad.

An acoustic emo track, the song starts slowly with haunting vocals and a strumming guitar but heavy riffs and pounding drums soon kick in to portray the emotion in the theme of the song.

But despite the aggressiveness of the music, the track preserves that gentle vibe, and this is done mainly through the great vocals of the singer, who has a classic emo sound, enough swagger to give the track attitude but emotional and full of feeling too, but also through the real, honest lyrics of the song, which is introspective and sentimental.

I really do like this band and regardless of their intensive touring schedule, they still manage to churn out amazing tracks like this one.

An “enigmatic and ethereal band,” this is one I will definitely be keeping on my radar for future releases!

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