Dream Of A Man In A Top Hat – Opposite Poles

What do you get when you take two thirds of Boston 80’s post-punk band Native Tongue, age them thirty plus years and throw in some modern technology? Why, you get the band Dream Of A Man In A Top Hat of course!

Featuring Lee Leffler (guitars, keyboards, vocals, and lyrics) and Michael Frackleton (drums, bass, percussions, keyboards, vocals, and lyrics) the pair have a partnership that spans decades, and this really shows in the music they make together.

Fusing psychedelia with whirring basslines, textured and layered vocals and dirty guitars, this duo have produced a sound that can only be described as “cool, grooving, swaggering, psychedelic, experimental, wild, chaotic and unique.” (Just some of the words various other music journalists have used!)

Although using creative, distinctive, and gritty vocals with crunching guitars and pounding drums, the band’s sound is made up of so much more. Original, raw, and mysterious, this track is full of noises, jingles and clatters in the background that gives it a very experimental vibe, but one that works well.

With its offbeat structure and heavy distortion on both guitars and vocals, the track has an overall fuzziness to it that its just sublime.

I can imagine sitting with a beer, swinging in a hammock on a porch somewhere, listening to this, totally chilled out, and it’s not often I feel that!!

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