Candiac – Les Jeux De L’amour

If you fancy listening to something a little bit quirky, then please give Les Jeux De L’amour by Candiac a go!

A recently formed trio, including Simon Dechêne, Yoland Houle & Charlé, from Canada, Candiac is a new and lively musical collective led by singer/songwriter Charlé. Playing surf rock, candy pop, indie, garage rock and with the energy of punk, this really is a band that should appeal to everyone.

Les Jeux De L’amour is the band’s debut album, was released on 15/09/2022 and is sang entirely in French.

It’s always refreshing to hear a band doing something different and mixing the alternative rock/pop rock sound with the French language was a stroke of genius as it just works so well. And the singers voice only adds weight to this as he is fantastic vocalist, mixing punk, rock, and pop effortlessly, using multi layers and big backing vocals to really bring the songs to life.

Having a classic yet cinematic vibe, each track on this album could be the opening or closing credits to a tv show or movie and every one could stand alone away from the album and still have the same effect that they do as a collection.

The mixture of clean and fuzzy guitars along with fantastically awesome guitar solos keep the rock element to the album and the bass and drums sections is sound and tight and keeps everything together rather nicely.

The placement of the tracks on the album is perfect and the production is excellent, meaning there is always something for the listener to hear.

With hooky and catchy choruses and melodies this is a great feel-good album that will make you want to hum, sing, and get up and dance and has been produced by some extremely creative musicians.

Quirky, eccentric, and maybe even a bit odd, this is a fantastic album and I highly you go and give it a listen and see if you are not bopping around trying to sing along to it (easier, obviously, if you can actually speak French!)

Track Listing:

1) Juste te dire I     

2) Juste te dire II

3) Laisse-moi sur mon feeling    

4) Au cœur de Limoilou   

5) Ça s’appelle moi

6) Tant qui restera de l’amour   

7) Toute la nuit      

8) Noémie    

9) Non non non     

10) Hey Buddy       

11) Le Hook-up (Pourquoi je fais de la musique)     

12) Lover boy

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