Zenodro – Who Ya Know

Zenodro’s newest release is one that needs to be heard by everyone!

“Who Ya know” has all the ingredients for the perfect recipe, it has amazing vocals, a catchy beat, good lyrics and interesting instrumentals.

Zenodro’s track is very modern, upbeat track that many youngsters these days would love. In that case, anybody who is fan of rap and hip-hop, then you must give this track a little listen to.

The vocals are quite extraordinary as the songster has a clear rap voice, however you can hear that his voice is one that is natural. The track has a catchy, strong bassline, that really motivates you to get your head bopping.

I personally had never heard any music by Zenodro, but I am definitely intrigued about what else he has to offer. If you are yet to have a listen to “Who Ya know” then have a quick listen to it and I can assure that you will not be disappointed!

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