Thy Veils – Influx

nflux” is an incredible synth-pop sounding track, with technological sounds and beats.

The beats within “Influx” are snappy and the sound gives off a very futuristic feel. The song includes bell like sounding bubbly noises, that is very unique compared to other recent hits, yet it is amazing! This is a track that feels like we are being taken into another realm.

As the song progresses, we are welcomed to other insane beats, that are so captivating and interesting, that we just want to hear more of it! Thy Veils’ sound creates a magnificent energy, which allows us to enjoy the track even more.

The vocals are kept to a minimum in “Influx”, however they are very beneficial, as the high notes that are reached blend unexpectedly well with the music.

Thy Veils are releasing a new album, which includes this hit, and I am so excited to see what the album brings us. If you are yet to hear music from Thy Veils, then please give this track a listen to, and I guarantee you will find yourself engulfed within their sound! 

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