The Bellwethers – Fractured

Who says reviewing must be all about the latest music that is coming out? Not The Bellwethers that’s for sure, as this is a review of their track Fractured which was released all the way back in 2018, and I, personally love doing retrospective reviews!

The Bellwethers are an originals rock band from Phoenix, Arizona formed in 2010, fronted by female singer KD Zinevich and if you would like to know more about their sound “think classic 70’s era psychedelic, punk and blues tossed into a blender ad turned on high!” Well, that’s what their website states anyway and I actually think they have hit the nail right on the head.

With vintage 70’s riffs from classic bluesy guitars, the vocals are rolling and have a certain twang to them, maybe a hint of country rock, but strong and gritty. There is a beefy bassline all the way through the track, shining through on its own at times, and crashing cymbals throughout really do fill the song out.

There is a great change of pace towards the end of the track, almost taking the listener by surprise, before building back up again to a classic rock ending.

There is a great swagger to the track, giving the song a little bit of attitude and this comes from both the singer and the musicians behind her.

Overall, this is a great track and one that would be great to see live. I am going to look these guys up and check them out a bit more. I would love to discover what else they have been up to, past and present!

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