Sweet Imperfections – Wings

Sweet Imperfections have dropped a new song, which is condensed with power and meaning.

I personally love a good song that possess a deep meaning and encourages positivity within the world.

“Wings” is one which sends out important messages about empowerment, unity and aspiration. This song screams at people to “spread their wings” and fly, a song about independence. The vocalist, Bri Schillings, is the perfect match for this song, as she holds such power in her voice. Listening to this song really does inspire you.

Sweet Imperfections are a soft-rock band, who have their own instrumental. The song is filled with a beautiful guitar, a piano and a lovely, soft drumbeat. A piano-based introduction to the song really engrosses us and has us utterly enchanted.

“Wings” is such a heartfelt, beautiful song that must be heard! If you haven’t already, go give Sweet Imperfections’ song a listen to (and there is even a little music video to go with it)!

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