Saves The Witch – She Dances With Knives

Saves The Witch is a mostly instrumental project from North Carolina, led by Eric Maynes and She Dances With Knives is their new single, released on all platforms on 04/11/2022.

Fusing post-metal, post-rock and ambient rock, the music of Saves The Witch is an eclectic mix that ranges from the heavy to the meditative with blues undertones.

Being totally guitar-driven, this instrumental track starts of slowly with soft drums and a plucking guitar sound, before kicking in with lots of distortion and dirty guitars and bass, giving the track a very atmospheric and ambient feel.

Being an instrumental, the song has to have something to keep the listener engaged as there are no words that can do this job for them, and I think the band does this excellently by using time and tempo changes throughout the track, switching from the slow and atmospheric to the more up tempo and fuzzy effortlessly and with ease.

Mix all of this in with the wah-wah guitar solos and the plodding, heavy bass lines and you have 3 minutes and 45 seconds of anthemic, post metal, sludge that is great to chill out to.

I would like to hear from this band and will be checking out their Bandcamp page as soon as possible!

A definite must for fans of doomy, sludgy, grungy music….and you don’t even have to learn any words!!

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