Randi – Dancing With A Broken Heart

The first time I heard “Dancing with a broken heart” I was drawn to it and so pleasantly surprised! This track is an indie pop/rock style, that is filled with emotion.

Randi wrote this song in a very low part in her life as she went through a rough break up, therefore it holds such deep importance to her. This is topic that many others can also relate to. You can hear the emotion in her voice, as her voice is soft and mellow. The song has a sombre tone which just highlights the heartbreak Randi was feeling,

The music in this track is fairly upbeat, which gives it that element of positivity and her overcoming this dark path in her life.

Honestly Randi’s “Dancing with a broken heart” is an amazing track filled with emotion, darkness but also positivity. If you want to hear more from Randi, be sure to check out her other music on Spotify!

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