Notevenstevens – Patina

Notevenstevens is progressively growing artist, who creates unreal sounding instrumentals. He is a songwriter, producer and music enthusiast that takes you into the underground with his uniqueness.

“Patina” is notevenstevens latest single, and it is a great one! He teamed up with Femme Fatene, and together they have created an amazing track.

The music includes very modern, electronic synth beats, which create a surreal atmosphere. This beat is one that makes you want to move your body too and seeks out positivity.

I must say, the vocals in “Patina” are fantastic, as her voice gives off an angelic feel. She sings softly, and her voice takes clear inspiration from other R&B tracks. That is what makes this tune so great, as the combination of R&B and dream pop draws us in with its unfamiliarity.

Have little look below at notevenstevens music, and let them take you into a unreal dimension. 

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