Neon Black Dreams – Never Give Up

Neon Black Dreams are a newly formed band, which focuses on electronic pop, synthwave and even hints of rock music. Their music is one that may not be your cup of tea usually, but you will undoubtedly enjoy it!

“Never give up” is their newest release, and I got to say, it’s a good one!

This track has elements of pop, synth, and rock. It is an upbeat, positive track, that persuades you to tap your foot or even dance to it! It has a strong drumbeat, overlapped with modern electronically created sounds. This song almost makes you feel like you are having a party in space!

“Never give up” features female vocals. Her vocals are amazing and fit this track incredibly well. Her voice and lyricism are inspirational, as they boost your mood and raise your spirits,

Neon Black Dreams have also created an awesome music video to go with it, and you should definitely check it out! 

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