Marcus Quirion – Filet Désert

Marcus Quirion was born in Canada and has a love for music and poetry.

Although “Filet Désert” is a French written song, we can really take the time to appreciate the sound and the music of the song. It is an upbeat, fun-filled song that just straight away puts you in a good mood.

The musical side, remains upbeat, with a strong beat that makes you want to bop your head along to it. Each chorus is condensed with joy and a feeling of love and unity. Part way through the song, Marcus has included a great electric guitar solo, and although it is only short, you can really hear the talent of the band. Not only is the instrumentals great, his voice is fantastic and I find it so interesting listening to him sing in French. 

After hearing this amazing track from Marcus Quirion, I am excited to listen other tracks of his and the music is so good and uplifting. Go and give “Filet Désert” a try and see if you love it as much as I do!

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