Kelsie Kimberlin – Right Place Wrong Time

Kelsie Kimberlin once again has hit the nail on the head with this brilliant track, “Right Place Wrong Time”.

Kelsie is a young, growing songster, who gives her all in every track she creates, filled with love, magic and emotion. Her voice is outstanding every single time as she sings gently but with power.

When I saw that Kelsie had another song, I was straight away on it, as she never disappoints. The lyricism in this is one that many can relate to, about a failed love and heartbreak. The saying right place wrong time is something that we are all familiar with and Kelsie reaches out to let us feel empowered if we find ourselves in this situation.  

This track is almost dreamlike and completely melts us with the lyrics and Kelsie soft, soulful voice. The music is designed to make us focus on the singer. Although the song builds up in the chorus, it remains fairly quiet and slow, really melting our hearts.

I cannot recommend Kelsie and her music enough! Go and have a listen to this tune and you will find yourself wrapped up in her music!

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