Katie Drives (feat Dear Me) – Ghosts

Katie Drives hails from North Germany, growing up in the countryside on classical music, before finding shelter in the popular genres of music. Starting out just doing covers and working behind the scenes, she now releases her own original work, influenced by 2000’s alternative / pop-rock bands and Ghosts is her latest single, released on 21/10/2022.

Although, backed by a great band of musicians, Katie’s powerful voice, reminiscent of the likes of Pink and Kelly Clarkson, is the driving force behind this terrific track. An emotive break up song, there is plenty of passion to express the feelings of break up, but enough assertiveness for the song not to be wallowing.

There is a subtle grittiness about the song and mixed with the tapping melodies and pop influences, along with alternative rock guitaring, this track will appeal to an extensive ranging audience.

Playing (as per her Facebook page!) a “rebel-against-your-very-nice-dad kinda pop rock” there is an unruliness about the song that will attract rebellious teenagers, while also keeping “more mature” listeners entertained.

Featuring the voice of Los Angeles based poet and musician Dear Me towards the end of the track, there is a stark contrast between sorrowful emotional singing and sharp spoken words, portraying both sides of the breakup the song is about.

If you love the music of Pink and Kelly Clarkson, you will love this song. I really liked it, and it kicked off my Monday morning with a bang.

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