John Vento – Sweet Cheslie

John Vento is an ongoing musician, who has recently released an amazing new track called “Sweet Cheslie”. “Sweet Cheslie” is a soft, acoustic tune, that is filled with nostalgia and pleasantness.

John has created this piece for an important reason, suicide prevention awareness month. The song is dedicated to the sadly passed Cheslie Kryst, who unfortunately lost her life to suicide. This song holds such significant meanings, and it must be heard widely.

We are introduced with a beautiful acoustic guitar, with a continued soft and mellow sound that continues throughout the song. Towards the end we witness a beautiful guitar solo, which really makes us sit and think about the true meaning of the song. Not only is the instrumental side of this song amazing, but John Vento’s vocals are also just as great. He sings with such emotion and soul, that it almost brings a tear to your eye.

Suicide prevention is a very crucial topic, and the fact that Vento has created such a track dedicated towards it, he must receive all the appreciation he deserves.

If you are yet to listen to “Sweet Cheslie” then make sure you do, as this one cannot be missed (and I mean that!).

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