Eli Ladon – 10 Milligrams

Eli Ladon has recently dropped “10 Milligrams”, and it is definitely a hit! Although Eli Ladon has been creating music since 2012, this track has got to be his best one yet!

“10 Milligrams” is the perfect hip-hop, rap track, that is catchy and melodious. This is another one of those that gets stuck in your head, and you find yourself humming whilst walking to work. The songster has an undeniable energy, which you can really feel.

Eli Ladon has the perfection fusion of rap and melodies, where we also see a true singer in the chorus. We all love a good tune, that brings about a positive vibe and feel, and that is exactly what “10 Milligrams” does!

After coming across this song, I cannot wait to hear other tracks of his, and I am definitely a new fan of Eli. If you yet to hear his work and are a lover of rap, then be sure to give “10 Milligrams” a little try and you will honestly love it!

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