E.W. Harris – The Damage

As soon as I heard “The damage”, I could feel the power and emotional atmosphere.

E.W. Harris, a rock/folk artist, has dropped this new hit, one of which has quite a deep and intellectual meaning. Sometimes a sombre sounding song is the one, as it is perfect for a rainy day.

“The damage” has clear components of rock, with the use of guitars, and steady drumbeats. This gives the song that powerful kick to it. However, Harris’ music is not the same as others, his sound is uniquely his, and it is one hell of a sound!

I think we could all say that his vocals in this piece are outstanding! I am a lover for a pure, and soulful voice, and that is exactly what Harris presents in this song. We can really hear his talent, and capabilities within “The damage”.

I cannot give E.W. Harris enough credit for this song, and I personally am thrilled to see what else he has in store!

Please give Harris’ new track a listen to!

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