C Kahari – Rolling, Floating


What a tune this song is!

If you are a fan of R&B, rap or hip-hop, then you with unquestionably love this track just as much as I do. “Rolling, floating” is C Kahari’s second track, yet it is so amazing that you would never have guessed.

The tune has a strong bassline throughout, the kind that gets your body grooving to the beat. This is the perfect song for a day full of relaxing and chilling. The music is quite minimalised, with a repeated beat, but it’s undoubtedly still effective.

I am obliged to say how good C Kahari’s vocals are. His voice is so soothing, and he raps so well. I am so intrigued to see C Kahari release other songs.

“Rolling, floating” is going to be one I continue to listen to, and you should definitely give this track a listen to. C Kahari is the kind of artist that you could listen to on repeat all day and still not get bored! 

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