Anthony Benjamin – Christmas Time Again

Who doesn’t love a good Christmas tune? The answer is no one and it is never too early for the Christmas music to come out!

This is one of those Christmas songs that make you reminisce all the great Christmases you experienced as a child and how they change as you grow up. Anthony sings about all things that are included with this time of year, like presents, the snow, and the excitement we all used to feel. The songster clearly misses these Christmases and hopes for a better one next year.

However, I must say, Anthony’s vocals are absolutely amazing and fit so well with this song. Although this song is a bit more sombre than others, it still is one that you can enjoy.

Included in the instrumentals of this song is bell like sounds, that really take you back to happy Christmases.

This is a song that you must have a listen to around Christmas, especially if you find yourself struggling at all.

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