Yana – Funeral Of Life

Every now and then we have to contemplate life and music has a wonderful way of helping us do this. For this, we need great musicians such as Yana.

Yana is a singer/songwriter from the Czech Republic with strong ties to Ireland and music has always been her passion. Funeral Of Life is the third single from her debut album Journey Of The Soul.

With the theme of “rolling with the punches of life and accepting the changes that are inevitable” its something that most people can really relate to, and this is what makes the track so beautiful.

Acoustic folk music with that hint of Irishness creeping in there, this track is haunting. With no percussions or beats, Yana uses a 12-string guitar, layered to give the track depth and dimension, with the bonus of Daryl Ball on the strumstick dulcimer to add a touch of oriental in the background.

At just over two minutes in length, this song is emotional and contemplational, Yana’s music making the listener actually sit up and hear the words and lyrics, reflecting on the messages they are portraying.

This is an introspective track with great harmonies and Yana’s vocals, deep and breathy, are simply perfect for this type of song.

I would really like to hear more from Yana and her talented musicianship and song writing. Its not every day a song moves you, and this one really did.

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