Soundhoose – Phobia

It is always a good thing when an artist or a band uses music to help them portray a particular theme or to get a distinct message across to their listeners and that is exactly what Soundhoose do.

Soundhoose are a Los Angeles based trio who want to “create a safe community where fans can openly release their depression and anxiety and relinquish their seclusion to be united in music.”

A full-on rock ‘n’ roll assault” Soundhoose are an alternative pop-punk inspired rock band who “crank out rebellious anthems,” and have a personal vendetta against the stigma and ignorance surrounding mental health problems, an issue that has been so neglected.

With Jeremy Bauer on bass, Paul Burns on drums and Brandon Smith on vocals, this track could be catalogued under any of the alternative, post punk, punk, or metal genres, as the lines between genres are distinctively blurred.

Its big, big chorus will have you humming along for the rest of the day, the great bass lines and thumping drums that open the track are continued throughout and the guitarwork is impressive. The vocals, tiered to give the track the intensity and dynamism it needs, are clean and clear yet strong and powerful enough to get the message of the song across.

The band are so focused on their fight that 20% of their merch sales and 10% of ticket sales are donated to the JED Foundation, a charity in America to help with the emotional health and suicide awareness of teens and young adults.

Not only does this song rock, but the message it is sending out will resonate with the majority of people in one way or another.

Please check out the track, then check out the band.

A fantastic job done all round, guys!!

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