Smoke Spider – Nervous

Smoke Spider are an alternative / grunge / indie rock band from Gothenburg in Sweden and Nervous is their seventh single released to date, released on 14/10/2022.

Comprising of two members, Göran Florström and Johan Granat, these guys really do have a big. big sound and its hard to believe there really is just two of them.

Strumming riffs open up the track before everything else crashes in with its grunge-filled goodiness, taking the listener back to the heady days of the 90’s grunge sound.

The track is hardcore guitar-driven and is as aggressive and in your face as you could possibly get. The dirty guitar sound works so well with the rawness of the singer’s vocals, giving that gritty, edgy vibe to the song that is abundant in alternative rock songs.

A high energy track that sounds almost like it was recorded live, this song gets louder and louder as it progresses, taking the heavy guitar riffs and frantic drumming up a level or three.

The hand shaker sound that is evident all the way through the track is a great added bonus too and with its catchy chorus this will be stuck in your head from hours to come.

I loved this track from the moment it started and can’t wait to hear more from them.

Go and check out Smoke Spider and see if you agree with me 😊

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