Scarlet Joy – Queen And Thief

On 07/10/2022, Lincolnshire-based Scarlet Joy released the fourth single from their album Mourning Pages, with the album itself due to be released on 25/11/2022. The track is called Queen And Thief and follows Lost At Sea, Rescue and Cut Diamond.

The band are a 3-piece rock band, consisting of Sophia Woodcraft on vocals and guitar, Tom Latham on bass and Drew Moore on drums, and they play a great mix of “potent grunge and emotive alternative rock.”

The track is the story of love, deceit and betrayal and the stripped back intro, with its raw guitar and poignant vocals really draws you in. It starts slowly but soon builds up to a track full of emotion and feeling. Sophia’s voice is haunting and really does take hold of you, and the backing vocals add layers to the lyrics and intensity to the song.

Mix all this in with dirty, grungey guitar work and a strong bass and drum section and you have the gem that is Queen And Thief.

Also, check out the video too. It shows Sophia holding a human heart, really bringing the theme of the track to life.

Although not one for anyone who is a bit queasy with that sort of thing!!

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