Mother Vulture – Monster Crunch

Every so often a song comes along that just makes you smile, and Monster Crunch by Mother Vulture is one such song.

Mother Vulture are four guys from Bristol, England who play “hectic blues punk with a love show that will leave you with horrible injuries!” and are “for fans of being happy, achieving your dreams and not dying!” and Monster Crunch is their latest single, released 11/11/2022, from their debut album Mother Know Best which is due for release on 25/11/2022.

Kicking off with a humming sound (a motorbike maybe?!) the track soon erupts into a full-on blues punk assault.

With frenzied drumming coming at you at 200mph, and noisy yet methodical guitarwork this is a high-speed track that is full of energy and enthusiasm. The vocals are great, clean, and clear yet full of the punk attitude that is needed, and the singer keeps up with the pace of the track effortlessly.

There is a big, catchy chorus and this will have you pogo’ing almost instantly.

I am not a big punk fan, but I really did love this track. Its definitely one to make you smile and just go and have some fun with.

The band have built up a reputation of being ferocious live and I really can see the energy that is in this track being transferred easily to the stage.

A great band who really do seem like they are having a lot of fun making music and one that would definitely rock any party or festival😊

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