InAir – Same Skies

InAir, a three-piece alternative rock band from Reading, England, are back with a new single titled Same Skies. It is their first release since the EP Dreamfall released in 2017 and boy, what a return!

Dedicated to a late friend, Same Skies, is a powerful track full of emotion and first-hand experiences.

Starting off with subtle drums and guitars, this really is the calm before the storm, as the song soon erupts into a frenzy of heavy riffs, technical and energetic drumming, and atmospheric synths.

The vocals are quirky as the singer has a strong cockney accent and, although unique, this really does work well with the track. Emotional and powerful this guy really does pack a punch with his singing, and you can’t help but sense everything he is feeling. The melodic emo vocals are addictive and, as soon as the song finishes, you just want to hear him sing again.

The song has a wide range of influences but the main, I think, is the sound of the alternative metal bands of the 2000’s but, with the thick guitar riffs of modern metal, there is a unique twist.

The tempo and time changes throughout the track keep the listener interested and the anthemic chorus will have you singing along at the top of your lungs in no time.

Great track from a band I will certainly be checking out more!

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