DCxPC Live Vol. 7 Presents Curtains & Swift Knuckle Solution Live At The Danger Room

DCxPC is a collaboration that books and releases music from live shows for multiple bands and November saw Volume 7 – a split between Curtains and Swift Knuckle Solution, recorded at The Danger Room in Florida.

Curtains are a band from Florida keeping punk, emo and rock ‘n’ roll alive. Drawing inspiration from bands such as The Get Up Kids, Jets To Brazil and Texas Is This Reason, this is a high-energy, fast-paced band who use melodic guitar riffs and fast pounding drums. How the singer keeps up with the music, I will never know but this recording of three of their tracks shows the natural talent the four members have and just how well they play together.

Swift Knuckle Solution, however, are a heavier band and lean more to the grittier, grimier side of punk.

Also from Florida, they use hardcore punk vocals mixed with meatier and catchy riffs. Still, high-energy, and fast-paced, there is a more aggressive nature to their music and their three tracks from the album show just how in your face and punchy their sound is.

Live recordings, the raw and also the polished (you know those live albums that have been so over-produced the listener cannot tell that it is, in fact, live!) do not always sit well with me. I prefer my live music to be right there in front of me, rather than coming through my speakers (hey just my opinion, each to their own I guess!) but this one is actually rather good.

I think it’s the rawness that makes this one stands out to me as punk music, in general, is brutal anyway and these two bands showcase this perfectly!

Track Listing:

1) Curtains – Scattered

2) Curtains – Downturn

3) Curtains – Smoke Alarm

4) Swift Knuckle Solution – Take The Ride

5) Swift Knuckle Ride – Bonham And Moon

6) Swift Knuckle Solution – Dead Palms

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