The Hybris – What If

The Hybris (rabbit alias Ringo Rabbit, Beanie Bison and Malcolm Mandrill) have one mission in mind…. And that is to spread the word on political issues through their music.

Formed in 2020 when all members lived in Germany, the band now operate virtually from France, America, and Germany, but all the while still creating music together.

An “international alternative rock project of three friends,” they are three wannabe superheroes who are on a mission to save the world and is the subject of the band’s latest single What If.

With political attitudes in the lyrics, the band “felt like doing something ‘different.’ At first it was a stupid idea, but meanwhile we think it is pretty cool.”

Likened to The Killers, Feeder, The Clash, The Cure and Foo Fighters, the band mix pop, punk, indie and alternative rock to create an eclectic and retro sound that is heavy-hitting and intense.

The hard-hitting lyrics combined with punchy and energetic music give the track an aggressive, angst-ridden feel, something the band can really use to help spread their views on saving the planet as it is now.

The heavy, yet catchy riffs, in your face vocals and skilful use of distortion, both for the vocals and the guitars means this track will force you to sit up and listen to what it is all about.

I don’t normally do politics, but this is a political track with themes that are truly relevant in the here and now.

Go check it out!

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