(((S))) – Maverick

Trying to find information on Danish artist (((S))) on the internet is nigh on impossible, although this should come as no surprise really since his handle on Facebook is @ungoogable!

For someone who has dedicated his life to making music, he has remained focus in keeping us all in the dark about his real identity. I’m not so sure this is a good thing as his music, which I will come to in a bit, needs to get out to as many people as possible, but if it is something that works for him, then who am I to judge?

(((S))) is a one-man project from Copenhagen in Denmark and Maverick is his seventh album. Considering the fact that (((S)))’s true identity is kept a secret the title of the album, Maverick, is quite poignant too as Maverick actually means “an independent-minded person, a non-conformist.”

Maverick is an album of ten perfectly crafted songs that reflect (((S)))’s own power pop version of post-punk with lyrics that challenge the listener to put the pieces together themselves and is set to connect to his fans and the wider audience in a way that nothing before it did.

The listener is taken on a mellow journey of discovery with rhythmic melodies and thought-provoking lyrics and his vocals are captivating and heart-warming without a hint of aggression despite some of the themes.

The music is guitar-driven with deep guitar sounds and basslines and sits somewhere between pop and punk, influenced by the 80’s Copenhagen punk scene, but with hints of dark wave, new wave, gothic, pop, rock, and blues all showing through.

This is a mysterious, yet extremely talented artist and this album gives us another glimpse into his musical soul and out of the box thinking. It is a beautiful album, each song having its own story and vibe going on and one so full of emotion and power that it really should be heard by more people.

I would love to hear more from (((S))) and I think this album could actually be enjoyed by a very wide audience range. Please go and check it out!

Track Listing:

1) Big Black Beautiful Bird

2) Night Train To Nowhere

3) Mama, Do You Think Its Gonna Rain All Day?

4) Ballet Of The Wolves

5) Summer/Winter

6) Sometimes it Takes Someone Like You

7) Dreams Die, But You Don’t

8) Time Is A Thief

9) Don’t Mess With My Mantra

10) Touch My Heart – Touch My Soul

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