Reue – Always Late

Reue (pronounced roi-uh) and the Synthemesc have teamed up to create the masterpiece “Always late”.

I must say “Always late” is the ultimate rave song, and I honestly would love to hear this on a night out!

Reue himself is starting to rise through the charts with his techno/house tracks, as he seems to gain more and more listeners. “Always late’ being his newest release is definitely one that is going to go far. The song has all the right components for a great techno song.

This track is instrumental only, with no sight of lyrics anywhere. This has a great effect as we can take time to appreciate the booming bass and beats, rather than just the singer. This results in Reue’s work really getting noticed and valued.

After having a quick listen to other work by the artist, I am eager to hear other work of his to come out. If you are a real-raver then this is undoubtedly the song for you!   

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