Onism E – It’s Not Over

Wow, wow, bloody wow!!!

We all know how music can make you remember, make you forget, transport you to another world or time, or just lift your spirits, even for a short space of time but one other thing I love about music, is just how it can surprise you!

I absolutely adored this track from the first opening notes to the last. Kicking off with a mellow, dreamy vibe, the song soon built up in energy, emotion and tempo.

The vocals of singer Eline Chavez are just mind-blowing. Strong and powerful, she has taken influence from the likes of Joan Jett, Bonnie Raitt and Melissa Etheridge and her style of singing is perfect for the emotion-filled track that is It’s Not Over. And without taking anything away from the obviously very talented musicians that back her, I think it is the vocals that make this track!

Fantastic drumming and bluesy guitars give this track an almost progressive yet rocky feel, that is full of energy and inspiration but one that will make you stop and really listen too.

Onism E are a 4 piece indie rock band based in Texas, USA and, as their website states, is “a culmination of life experiences wrapped up in a soulful package that is carving a unique space within the indie rock world.”

I loved this track and, as something different for me, I will be keeping an ear to the ground for anything else this great band release.

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