Nothing But A Nightmare – The Salvation

Nothing But A Nightmare was formed by four high school friends in Philadelphia and The Salvation is their third album. They have formed an extensive local following from their music releases, playing music festivals, and local venues around the Philadelphia area.

With a nostalgic look back to the emo/punk rock of the 2000’s this is a full-on album from start to finish, with eleven explosive tracks.

Mixing emo pop/rock and alternative rock, Nothing But A Nightmare have used a modern twist with their music, creating a sound all of their own, with even a hint of pop shining proudly shining through.

With heavy crunching riffs, amazing vocals, catchy choruses and lyrics, upbeat melodies and pounding drums this album really does seem to have something that will appeal to everyone.

Its angst filled lyrics that deal with a whole host of teenage problems, from relationships, to loss, to pain, school and general teenage drama, are delivered in an energetic, upbeat way, the pace only dropping for one ballad-esque song and yet, despite the fast-paced, quirky nature of all the tracks, the emotion and pain in the lyrics of each track is portrayed almost perfectly.

I hope this group of young lads go far with their musical career, because they are obviously all incredibly talented, but also because they make bloody good music. If Sum 41 and Fall Out Boy are your type of thing you will love Nothing But A Nightmare. But, if they’re not, I still think you will love Nothing But A Nightmare.

I listened to the album through a good number of times, and I loved it more with each listen. I think you will too!

Track Listing:

1) Baggage Claim

2) Can’t Fix Stupid

3) I Hate You

4) Ready To Roll (Revenge Tour)

5) Start A Fight

6) Devil’s Sidekick

7) She Always Ruins A Good Time

8) Sex With My Ex

9) Pretty Good At Bad Decisions

10) Crossed A.F

11) The Old Days

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