Near Death Experience (NDX) – Living

Near Death Experience are a four-piece soft / indie rock band from Ealing in London and was formed in 2016.

Living is their latest single, released on 26th August 2022. Now, there must be a reason why this track was released when it was and the only thing I can come up with is that it is such a big summer track, played loud through the speakers while having a barbeque or whilst driving the car on a long journey.

Reviewing it in November, however, I think has so much more of an effect than if I reviewed in it the summer. At least today, on a cold, dreary November afternoon, the song actually lifted my mood right up and made me long for the summer again.

With its swinging drums and funky, groovy bass lines, its catchy chorus, layered vocals (with additional do-wops!) and its high energy levels, this song has great sing-along-ability and will make you dance around the living room, leaving its mark on you as an ear worm for the rest of the day (I finished listening to it about fifteen minutes ago and its still going round in my head!)

The band’s website state they are a “London based rock band playing shimmering psych-tinged indie pop, where rock, soul and funk collide” and I absolutely love this description. Any music that blurs the lines between genres is always a good thing in my book and this is such a fun, high energy song that it really is impossible not to like it.

I really want to listen to more from this band and be transported to a time of warm sun, cool beers, and sizzling sausages!!

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