Maria Weissman – Fragments

I am not sure about you guys but I know that I love the odd sad, quiet song every now and then. Luckily, Maria Weissman’s “Fragments” is a perfect example of that!

Maria’s song is one full of beautiful melodies, amazing instrumentals and sombre tones. The piano is a beautiful touch, as it creates a brilliant atmosphere.

Not only is the music amazing, Weismann has an absolutely beautiful, soulful voice, where her emotions are clearly presented through her singing. During Weissman’s high pitched sections, you can really hear just how good her voice is. The songster also included the use of backup vocals to emphasise the pain that she may be feeling. The lyrics are also quite sad, as she sings about her “broken parts” and her father not loving her.

After hearing this song of Maria’s, I am certainly intrigued to hear what other music she has created.

If you are ever feeling down, or want to just lie there getting in your feels, then “Fragments” is a must!

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