Luego – The Vortex

Luego’s newly released album is definitely one to have a listen to. The album is full of many great, interesting tracks, with the title track being “The vortex”.

“The vortex” song is undoubtedly one that is unusual but also incredible at the same time. Luego being an experienced artist has experiment with different musical elements. In this song, he includes a large amount of autotune. However, this autotune is not one to make his voice sound “better”, he uses it to create a completely different style of music.

Luego usually focuses on pop, hip-hop, rock and country. The country strand is definitely present in this song and the combination of this and the autotune creates a unique piece.

Whether this is your kind of music or not, you should give Luego and his work a listen to. As his music is so peculiar, yet astounding, almost anyone will enjoy it.

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