Joshua Ketchmark – Tazewell County Line

Joshua Ketchmark was a new on me this morning when I logged on to start my day, but I can safely say that, even though country rock isn’t my top genre of rock music, I thoroughly enjoyed this latest track from him.

Based in Nashville in Tennessee, Joshua was born in a small town near Chicago, and soaked up anything he could hear from the airwaves, before heading off on his own musical journey.

Tazewell County Line is the last, and concluding track on his new album Blood, his tenth by the way and featuring Black Star Riders Zak St John plus various other guest musicians and kicks off with the typical twang of a country rock guitar.

His beautiful yet fragile and fragmented voice is perfect for this country rock ballad and the acoustic guitars backing up the electric lead give the track feeling and emotion.

With reflective vocals, a steady drum beat and the mix of acoustic and electric guitars, this song paints a picture that draws you in right from the start.

Country rock tracks are story tellers, and this is a beautifully poignant track that leaves the listener wondering about its story.

I really did like this track. A great offering from a glaringly talented musician.

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