Johanna Dadap – The World’s Gone Up In Smoke

Sometimes all we need is a nice, mellow tune that makes us relax and chill out. Johanna Dadap has created a song which is perfect for that vibe!

Johanna is a young artist with incredible vocals and other talents such as guitar, piano and ukulele playing. Her voice is soothing yet her emotions really shine through. The idea of her music is to get us to really feel how she feels.

Within this song, Johanna holds the talent of being the lead vocals, the backup vocals and the guitarist on an acoustic. The creates an almost consuming song that is beautiful and melodic.

The lyrics appear to be about the lack of appreciation and care the Earth gets, and that people won’t do anything about it until the world goes “up in smoke”. Global warming is a major issue in modern day society, and Johanna singing about it could hopefully raise more awareness of the issue before it is too late.

“The world’s gone up in smoke” is a track that needs to be heard by everybody, so please have a listen to it.

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