Intercontinen7al – War’s The Noise


Intercontinen7al was originally a group of 22 artists that came together to create numerous songs all for charity. A few years down the line, the group have had more artists join them and they have all continued to create songs for a good reason, for example, this song.

“War’s the noise” is a new release by Intercontinen7al, that pushes to spread a powerful message. The song is about the ongoing war between Ukraine and Russia and has many European artists featured in it. 

This track features powerful, soulful vocals that make the listeners feel the emotion that they are feeling. Due to this song being of rock style, we get to witness pure musical instruments and no electronically created beats. Intercontinen7al end this song with an extended electric guitar solo. I must give this guitar solo all the credit I can, as it is just wicked!

I highly recommend giving Interncontinen7al’s work a little listen to and I am certain you will like it. Not only is their work great, it is also one that sends out powerful messages and is charitable.   

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