iHATEJON – Bounce It

iHATEJON is a hip-hop artist, who clearly takes inspiration from artists such as Mac Miller and Lil Peep. iHATEJON released his new single “Bounce it” last week and this is not one to miss.

As a major fan of hip-hop and rap, this song jumped out at me as soon as I heard it. The track is chilled but also has interesting beat to it. iHATEJON also includes different beats than what usual hip-hop artists do, as he tris to take on the more alternative style of hip-hop.

“Bounce it” has the perfect mixture of rapping, spoken words and singing. The effect of all of these means that the song remains interesting and upbeat. The song additionally ends with a nice instrumental, that leaves you bopping your head, wondering what else iHATEJON has in store for us.

Go ahead and give “Bounce it” a listen to and if you are a fan of hip-hop, you will 100% enjoy this song.

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