Dioneesus – Lolita

Now this is one of those songs that you would never in a billion years expect to enjoy it as much as you do! I know from my experience, after hearing it I was so excited to hear other work of Dioneesus as I enjoyed “Lolita” so much.

Dioneesus’ music is always unexpected, he ensures he cover multiple different type of music like, pop, hip-hop and even rock. This song in particular includes a strong element of pop and even hip-hop.

The bassline in “Lolita” is strong and almost sensual that it makes you want to move your body to it. Indeed, the use of two different vocalists was an incredible decision, as the two vocalists compliment each other. Both vocals are extraordinary and cannot be faulted, as they both sing with confidence and power.  

Anyways, as I said previously “Lolita” is definitely a song that you guys should give a listen to and I promise you will not regret it at all!

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