De Antiquis Et Novis – Time Is Running Out

If you are somebody who loves a good electro-pop, techno tyle song, then “Time is running out” is the one for you. This is definitely a tune that I would love to hear in a nightclub or at a rave.

One positive of this song is that it is very upbeat and a great song to move your head to. You cannot deny that it brings about good feelings all around. The electronic beat just brings back that feeling of being in a nightclub with flashing lights beaming on you. De Antiquis Et Novis also included multiple beat drops, which really adds to that party style of song.

Although the music in this song has the spotlight, the vocals are good too. The lyrics are minimalised but also effective, as the repeated lyric “time is running out” really sticks in your head.

So, all in all, if you are a techno, house lover, it is vital you give this track a listen to!

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