Betty Reed – Shallow End

Honestly, all I can say is wow! This song is just amazing!

Sometimes a slow, peaceful song is just what anyone wants to hear, and this song is beautiful. Betty’s vocals are fantastic, and her voice is full of emotion and beauty.

This song has very deep connotations, of the battle of depression, and how sometimes life can make you feel like you are drowning. This is an extremely personal topic of Betty’s, but it is an important one that many can unfortunately relate to. This is one of those songs that might make somebody see that they are not alone in their thoughts.

Although the music is more of a soft, stripped back one, the instrumental remains incredible. There is a quiet drum beat with an unusual, yet amazing guitarist. In the second half of the song, we are hit with a distorted guitar solo which sounds awesome. The use of distortion really adds to the way some mental illnesses make you see life differently and possibly more corrupt than others.

Please give Betty Reed’s new release a try and you will not be disappointed!

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